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An exhibitions series by the institute Transmedia Arts at Georg Kargl Permanent

Exhibition, 2022

Kashi Meyer, 2022

Aleksandar Gabrovski, 2022

Alissa Freilinger, 2022

Aleksandar Gabrovski, 2022

Kashi Meyer, 2022

Alissa Freilinger, Aleksandar Gabrovski, Kashi Meyer 
Curated by Wolfgang Obermair

Opening: April 6, 2022, 7 pm
Exhibition: April 7– 30, 2022

In Sfumato, an atmospheric transformation turns the exhibition space into a second nature: a breeze affects works and recipients. Starting from a term that in painting was considered a "beautifying agent" and that could be loosely translated as blurry, smoky, or hazy, Alissa Freilinger, Aleksandar Gabrovski, and Kashi Meyer deal with this unusual setting in different ways. In a figurative sense, beauty is to be joined by resistance.

Alissa Freilinger, who studies physics alongside her studies in transmedia arts, works with experimental setups dedicated to the fragility of visibility and the phenomenology of things. In his performative and installative practice, Aleksandar Gabrovski, who comes from Bulgaria, traces an arc from prehistoric beginnings to the dissolution of art. His shamanistic ritual accompanies the exhibition opening. Kashi Meyer's works, on the other hand, are rooted in public space. His actionist paintings and installations playfully operate with conventions and demarcations.
Wolfgang Obermair is an artist, curator and lecturer at the department of Transmedia Arts.

TRANS... genre, medium, context, discipline, materiality, aesthetics, identities, gender...
An exhibition series by the institute Transmedia Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna at Georg Kargl Permanent

At the invitation of Georg Kargl Gallery, Jakob Lena Knebl and team of the Transmedia Arts department will design an exhibition series with students at Georg Kargl PERMANENT space, from April to December 2022.
The seven-part series is curated by the team of the class Transmediale Kunst, University of Applied Arts Vienna. The exhibitions will present works by students that have a kinship to their own artistic practice, as well as expertise of the individual members of the team. The aim is to make the diverse thematic fields and the methodological diversity of Transmedia Arts visible to a broad public.

A project by:
Transmedia Arts | Jakob Lena Knebl
University of Applied Arts Vienna


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Exhibition venue:
Schleifmühlgasse 17
1040 Vienna / Austria