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Riding Emotions TRANS...

An exhibitions series by the institute Transmedia Arts at Georg Kargl Permanent

Exhibition, 2022
Exhibition Riding Emotions Trans Georg Kargl Permanent

Riding Emotions TRANS…, 2022, Exhibition view, GEORG KARGL PERMANENT, Vienna


Exhibition Riding Emotions Trans Georg Kargl Permanent

Josepha Edbauer, effeminate leeway I, 2022


Exhibition Riding Emotions Trans Georg Kargl Permanent

Patrícia Chamrazová, Essay on home, 2021


Exhibition Riding Emotions Trans Georg Kargl Permanent

Juan Francisco Vera, sk8er, 2022


Exhibition Riding Emotions Trans Georg Kargl Permanent

Kristina DESKA Nikolić, Significant Fragile Silk Faust, 2022

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Exhibition Riding Emotions Trans Georg Kargl Permanent

Elias Jocher, Fragmentic Space [Memory and presentiment], 2022

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Riding Emotions TRANS…, 2022, Ausstellungsansicht, GEORG KARGL PERMANENT, Wien


Patrícia Chamrazová, Josepha Edbauer, Elias Jocher, Kristina DESKA Nikolić, Juan Francisco Vera
Curated by SHE SAID

Opening: May, 6,2022, 18–20 Uhr
Exhibition: May, 7– 28, 2022

Georg Kargl PERMANENT 
Schleifmühlgasse 17, 1040 

SHE SAID perceives the department of Transmedia Arts as an organic formation that, through its ability to change, can create manifold opportunities for the students and which is likewise constantly changing and reforming itself through them. This continuous metamorphosis gives rise to fluid connections and relationships, and with its recesses and convexities stable entities seem dissolved. Within this collective gestalt, SHE SAID is particularly interested in a selection of young artists who deal with the intrapsychic adjustment loops in the face of the challenges of our time. And in their art works reflect on body and self in the mirror with the external. The exhibition Riding Emotions shows figures of this transformation, in which imaginary opposites to restriction and distancing become visible. Imagination serves here as a strategy to design alternative realities in which intimacy and desire are formulated and at the same time become moments of self-empowerment.

The work of Patrícia Chamrazová is an ambivalent embodiment of everyday experiences and intimate moments, which deliberately seduces and turns the viewers into partners in crime. Essay on home is a journey through the interior of the artist's apartment, whereby home appears here as an inner place that continuously oscillates between security and alienation.

Josepha Edbauer's personal history and experiences as a female motorcyclist are the starting point of her exploration of the subject of motorcycles from a female perspective. In her work effeminate leeway I, the motorcycle ghostly becomes a desired subject that without a driver presents itself self-empowered and autonomous in an unusual form. Its otherwise obvious symbolism of power and freedom is mixed with resistance and the persistent longing for a different form of independence, one that makes it possible to withdraw from explicit attributions.

The work Fragmentic Space [Memory and presentiment] by Elias Jocher peels out of the walls of the exhibition space like an apocalyptic prophecy. Its graphic textures anticipate dystopian atmospheres and organically growing structures. Here in the exhibition space, they linger on the threshold between image and installation, leaving open whether they will retreat or expand to take over the space. 

Kristina DESKA Nikolić shows a new soft sculpture Significant Fragile Silk Faust, which is gestalt per se and at the same time canvas for her poetry. The work fluctuates between portrait, self-representation and fiction. For Nikolić, memory fragments, subjective associations and language form the framework for developing her sculptural forms, which have inherent moments of transformation and metamorphosis.

Juan Francisco Vera is interested in fiction and storytelling as well as its deconstruction. For Riding Emotions his work finds its starting point in the (in)accessibility of space. The installation sk8er thus takes on the role of the antagonist and literally plays in the fog. It shows itself to be resistant, on the one hand, by eluding visibility while, at the same time, through its positioning, invites us to reflect on our own role as viewers.

SHE SAID is an interdisciplinary sculpture, female artists collective and conceptual performance project with special interest in physical and digital public space.SHE SAID was initiated in 2020 as a joint project by Eva Chytilek and Anna Zwingl. The two artists know each other from their teaching activities at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.  SHE SAID develops multidisciplinary projects with the aim of creating personal and social empowerment. She uses artistic expertise to develop multi-layered aesthetic strategies that go beyond the production of singular objects to then flow into different spaces and realities.

TRANS... genre, medium, context, discipline, materiality, aesthetics, identities, gender...
An exhibition series by the institute Transmedia Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna at Georg Kargl Permanent

At the invitation of Georg Kargl Gallery, Jakob Lena Knebl and team of the Transmedia Arts department will design an exhibition series with students at Georg Kargl PERMANENT space, from April to December 2022.
The seven-part series is curated by the team of the class Transmediale Kunst, University of Applied Arts Vienna. The exhibitions will present works by students that have a kinship to their own artistic practice, as well as expertise of the individual members of the team. The aim is to make the diverse thematic fields and the methodological diversity of Transmedia Arts visible to a broad public.

A project by:
Transmedia Arts | Jakob Lena Knebl
University of Applied Arts Vienna


Hosted by:

Exhibition venue:
Schleifmühlgasse 17
1040 Vienna / Austria