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Angewandte Festival

Transmedia Art


MAM , I want to be consumed by the mushroom house i´ve grown myself, 2024

© Leonhard Münch

Tansmedia 1900, Transmediale Kunst, MAK

© Maximilian Prag

Angewandte Festival Exhibitions
daily 11am–9pm

The Angewandte opens its buildings and presents its activities from 26.6. to 29.6. 2024.

Transmediale Kunst 2024
AAA: Luca Büchler, Patrícia Chamrazová, Mam

The Department of Transmedia Art shows the variety of the final projects of their students in terms of themes, forms of expression and media; these include sculpture, installation, sound, video, augmented reality and workshops. While Luca Büchler and Patrícia Chamrazová will present their final works directly in the Transmedia Art courtyard-studio, Vanessa Mazanik and Mam will show references and connections to their works, which they are showing simultaneously in other rooms, as part of the joint exhibition. These will be spatially interwoven with current works by the graduates of the winter semester 23/24: Sarah Glück, Marlene Posch, Daniel Stolzlederer, Thomas Supper.


An intervention by the Transmedia Art class in the MAK´s Permanent Collection
Wed, 26.6. until Sat. 29.6.
11am –6pm
MAK, Museum für angewandte Kunst, Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien