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Realisierte Visionen – Vienna Design Week

Transmediale Kunst in Kooperation mit Kohlmaier


Francesca Centonze, "uvula", Transmedia Art & Kohlmaier, 2023

Maximilian Prag, "Möbius Schleife", Transmedia Art & Kohlmaier, 2023

Michel Hyazinth Ferge, "Raumintervention / Raumexploration 2“, Transmedia Art & Kohlmaier, 2023

7., Neubaugasse 32

22.9.2023, 9–12 am 
25.–28.9.2023, 9 am–4.30 pm
28.9.2023, 5 pm–9 pm 
29.9.2023, 9 am–12 am 

Shop window : 22.9.–1.10.2023, all day
Cocktail: 28.9.2023, 5–9 pm

In cooperation with the traditional Viennese company for upholstered furniture Kohlmaier, students of the class for Transmedia Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna developed works on the topic of materiality and synesthesia under the direction of Jakob Lena Knebl. Themes such as the relationship of body to surface, articulation of language, communication by means of spatial interventions, places of retreat and the representation of infinity were negotiated, questioned and placed in the context of contemporary design. The results can now be viewed in Kohlmaier's workshop, which is well worth seeing, as well as 24/7 in its window display.

With works by: Francesca Centonze: "uvula", Michel Hyazinth Ferge: "Raumintervention / Raumexploration 2"and Maximilian Prag: "Möbius Schleife"