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Figures of Imagination TRANS...

@Georg Kargl PERMANENT


Maria Belova, Jona Lingitz, Brooklyn J. Pakathi, Michi Schmidl, Iris Writze
Curated by SHE SAID

Opening: Nov 11 , 2022, 6-8 pm
Exhibition: Nov 12, 2022 - Nov 27, 2022

The Vienna November fog is inert, opaque and blurs contrasts and contours. Among the different sensory impressions of a situation, the brain can filter the ones it considers most important at that moment.  These impressions become the foreground, the "figure", and can thus be made visible. Figure means at the same time structure, gestalt, appearance or condition and can also be described by the fact that it becomes visible or tangible or differentiated from something else.

The question of which emotions, thoughts and work processes are given form and how the inner experience of this can be made visible and shaped is a unifying moment of the works in "Figures of Imagination. TRANS...". They are shape-shifting figures, companions on an imaginary journey through the metamorphoses of bodies and objects that refer to existential rites.  The exhibition thus becomes a playful form of capturing moments of appearance, adjustment , withdrawal and disappearance, as well as adaptation to, and refusal of social media attention-economies.

When in SHE SAID's first exhibition in the TRANS... series the relationship of body and person in reflection with the external was the central issue, it is now more about understanding what the body means for the individual. In this exhibition we perceive the body as a simulation, as a tool, as an archived shell, as something that eludes, and as something that needs to be modified.

The works are united by a moment of repetition and a knowledge that the visible part of the work is the starting point for imagination of what will be imaginable.However, the oppositional "internal" is not understood as a limited space, on the contrary, it is precisely here that the space becomes stretchable, divisible, can expand and create multiple new possibilities, ways of seeing and expressing, in which the engagement with the external world and society is reflected.

SHE SAID ist eine interdisziplinäre Skulptur, Künstlerinnen-Kollektiv und konzeptuelles Performance Projekt mit besonderem Interesse für den physischen und digitalen öffentlichen Raum. SHE SAID wurde 2020 als gemeinsames Projekt von Eva Chytilek und Anna Zwingl initiiert, die beiden Künstlerinnen kennen sich von ihrer Lehrtätigkeit an der Universität für angewandte Kunst. SHE SAID entwickelt multidisziplinäre Projekte mit dem Ziel, persönliches und gesellschaftliches Empowerment zu kreieren. Sie nützt künstlerische Expertise, um vielschichtige ästhetische Strategien zu entwickeln, die über die Produktion von singulären Objekten hinausgehen, um so in unterschiedliche Räume und Wirklichkeiten zu fließen.

TRANS... genre, medium, context, discipline, materiality, aesthetics, identities, gender...
An exhibition series by the institute Transmedia Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna at Georg Kargl Permanent. At the invitation of Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Jakob Lena Knebl and team of the Transmedia Arts department designed an exhibition series with students at Georg Kargl PERMANENT, running from April to December 2022. The seven-part series is curated by the team of the class Transmediale Kunst, University of Applied Arts Vienna. The exhibitions present works by students that have a kinship to their own artistic practice, as well as expertise of the individual members of the team. The approach is to make the diverse thematic fields and the methodological diversity of Transmedia Arts visible to a broad public.

Transmedia Arts / Jakob Lena Knebl
University of Applied Arts Vienna

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