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ANTI ANTI ANTI. de-visibility, unbiased biases and friends

Angewandte Festival


Angewandte Festival 28.6.–1.7.2022
Transmedia Arts (Jakob Lena Knebl)
Studio 1 & 2, EG, Hofatelier

Opening hours
11am –9pm

with: Maria Belova & Maria Rudakova Aaron-Amar Bhamra, Francesca Centonze, Aleksandar Gabrovski, Johannes Hartmann, Jana Marie Kolbert, Kashi Meyer Samuel Minegibe Ekeh, Anna Mutschlechner-Dean, Gala Alica Ostan, Ožbolt Michi Schmidl, Marlene Stahl, Iris Writze, Natallia Yelavik
in collaboration with maurício ianês

The large-scale, biased manipulation of opinions through media and social networks has gained a new level of visibility on an international level. Awareness of it has not diminished its success. It has fed on general dissatisfaction, on a loop of biased “anti-anti-anti” attitudes. The fragmentation of public opinion and the agitation against exploited and oppressed groups, conspiracy myths and lies have become part of our everyday life. Propaganda and populism infuse our experience of the world, subtly or not, in pop culture, art, architecture, cinema, advertisements, philosophy, aesthetics, design and other mediums. Inversely, cultural strategies involving darkness and opaqueness have also been used as a tool by these oppressed groups to counter hegemonic propaganda and populism.

The exhibition “Anti-Anti-Anti” aims at making these strategies visible through art and usable by artists to create a counter-narrative against hegemonic ruling class ideologies that try to subjugate human life to their needs and desires.

Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2, 1010 Wien