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In effect since October 2003

General orientation

The study program Media Design is taught at the University of Applied Arts as an integrative field of artistic research, art and media-theoretical, organizational and social aspects. The goal is here is to convey independent artistic, experimental design skills and the ability to explore and assimilate knowledge and skills for developing new media-design qualities as well as possibilities in interaction with a critical, scientific and theory-based study of the social effects of technologically informed processes of transformation for perception and knowledge production.”

Quoted from the qualification profile of the study program (curriculum) Media Arts.

Study duration: 8 semesters

First phase of study: 2 semesters

First diploma exam (consists of positive completion of classes of the first study phase)

Second phase of study: 6 semesters

Second diploma exam (consists of positive completion of classes of the second phase of study and the final partial exam before the exam committee)

Knowledge of the German language

Persons whose native language is not German must prove their knowledge of the German language before registering to continue their studies for the third semester.

Further information on the study program Transmedia Arts

Curriculum Media Arts (PDF)