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Class Profile 

TRANS … genre, medium, context, discipline, materiality, aesthetics, identities, gender …

What does transmediality mean? In the best case, this concept guarantees the greatest possible freedom beyond rigid boundaries of media, genres or disciplines. The claim to transmediality implies that forms of mediation come into view in all their diversity and interweaving. For this, it is important to grasp each medium in the spectrum and history of its identity. Through such a practice — precise analyses instead of anything goes” — the best forms of expression and translations for the respective contents can be developed.

The studio for transmedia arts promotes experimental approaches and the development of alternatives. A primary curiosity for the unknown gives rise to inspiration and new connections.

The weekly Jour Fixe is intended to promote individual agency, productive cooperation in groups and the formation of a class collective. Aesthetic and material-technical decisions are understood as sensual strategies that are inextricably linked with socio-political issues. In confrontation with art history, contemporary movements, natural sciences and cultural studies as well as technological developments, the artistic practice can also have a transformative effect on public discourses.