Dann bräuchten sie keine Priesterkaste mehr
Clemens Hubinger, 2011
Installation mit Objekten und Video

Artefacts bearing my signature derive from my reflection on my precedent practice this being a mannifold preoccupation with ways to see the world – more or less in an arbitrary instant – and the subsequent transformation of the resulting information into an instantly valid form.
Concerning the current work this meant a growing obsessive preoccupation with horns, transforming a sensation – originating from the first sculpture in this cycle – into a need for purpose(s), as obsession kept me building.
In Zen-practise, to draw a bow is an exercise wherein the manual use of an implement is used to derive a grasp of the world from the exercise itself. There is no doctrine besides practice; licensed knowledge, put into a canon; in this modus operandi it means nothing but pure fiction.